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At Align Wellness Center we love it when our patients share their story with us. Read our patient testimonials below to get a glimpse of the remarkable outcomes after treatment and get inspired to do the same!

Good morning:

I started receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Darnita Henry approximately 10 years ago. I have intermittent neck and back pain and get tired of taking pain pills. As I was looking for long term solutions, I decided to try chiropractic

Since my treatments started with Dr. Henry, my neck and back pain has diminished. The welcoming, inviting, and relaxed atmosphere make me feel comfortable, and serene. The location is convenient for me, and I am always able to reach Dr.
Henry for consultations regarding not only chiropractic care and my overall health.

I highly recommend, Dr. Henry for chiropractic care as I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my overall heath since becoming a patient of hers. She is very concerned about her patients, and is eager to see the results from her care.
Dr. Henry and her staff are professional, respectful of their patients time, and welcoming.

Stephen D, Jr.

I haven’t had to take Lexapro since 10/14/19 when I started taking the wild yam and tribulus. I can’t remember how long I’ve been taking it, like maybe 10 years with dramatic side effects every time I tried to wean from them. My mood during the past 5 days of the cleanse made me feel like I was really high, a good high, and increased libido. Who knew???!!??????? And, I saw my pcp yesterday. My blood pressure was 106/61! I have never had blood pressure like that, even when I was a kid. I thought I needed to be rushed to the ER."

C. Jackson

The reason I came to and chose Align wellness centre was all Divine. I actually feel like they chose Mi. I was introduced to chiropractic care from Mi mother in Love she'd always rave about the benefits of getting regular adjustments. So with that I began searching for a chiropractor's office in the Atlanta area. I came across Align wellness centre and someting about the name gravitated to Mi and upon Mi first visit I see why. This is more than a doctor's office, it's a centre for healing. An healing on many different levels mind, an body and it all begins with the spine. I attempt to get 4 to 6 adjustments a month I've noticed a difference and benefits since coming in Mi posture, sleeping habits and with Mi back pain. Any time I refer people (which I've referred many) I always make a point to tell them that this is a different place and it's because of Dr. Henry who she is and how she does what she does. She truly cares about healing YOU and not treating symptoms. She prompts, educates and advocates holistic healing and living. I give thanks to Dr. Henry and the staff at Align wellness centre for bring holistic health and healing to her "hood" and to the world!

I initially came to Dr. Henry back in 2010 with some unexplained neck pain. I received a referral from a trusted source. In addition to the chiropractic care, the homeopathic treatment has been phenomenal. I have learned so much about natural cures. Dr. Henry has the best hands and the best heart in the business. She will get you and keep you straight.

Clarissa M.

I started going to Align Wellness Center many years ago when I learned that Chiropractic care was a more natural and holistic way to care for my body. Each visit leaves me floating on air. Dr. Darnita’s attention to detail, empathy, care, and expertise is always right on time. Whether I’m fighting a virus or dealing with lower back pain, Align has been essentially a one-stop-shop for the majority of my health needs. And as someone who avoid prescription medication, I’ve found that I’ve never had to supplement Dr. Henry’s care with anything unnatural. I’ve even had my son adjusted when he was diagnosed with an ear infection, and we were able to remedy the infection completely without filling the prescription written by his pediatrician. When I have a friend who is stressed, in pain, or just looking for new forms of self-care, I’ve recommended Align. I’ve learned that proactive care is the best care, and through adjustments, foot
detoxes and a regimen of plant-based supplements by Standard Process and Mediherb, I’m gradually getting back to optimal health.

“I met Dr. Henry in 2014 and I began receiving chiropractic care from her soon afterwards. I had never been to a chiropractic doctor for treatment prior to experiencing her services so I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what exactly to expect. However, not only was the experience straight forward, relaxing, and super easy, it also instantly assured me that I would be a regular client for a lifetime! Dr. Henry knows her stuff! She has a wealth of information, is extremely professional, and provides the type of care I would encourage absolutely anyone to pursue. Every time I leave her office my body feels a thousand times better than when I walked in and I thank myself yet again for making the decision to schedule another appointment. She’s so much more than a chiropractic doctor. She is a wholistic health care provider with thorough knowledge of nutrition, dietary solutions, supplements and even energy medicine! My most recent visits have been for the purpose of recovering from a car accident that left me unable to hardly function for a series of days. Once the pain settled into my body just a few days after the accident I immediately knew it was time to see Dr. Henry. After just one visit I was able to sleep comfortably throughout the night again and I was fully functional at work the very next day, pain free! In this day and age where many of us don’t know where to turn for proper and efficient healthcare, I am so glad I found Dr. Henry. She is a perfect representation of what it means to be a true wellness
practitioner across the board.”

Rev. Shawn Wells Goldman

Dr. Henry is AWESOME!!! Although I’ve known Dr. Henry for about 11 years now thru a mutual friend, I didn’t become a patient until the December 2016… My back was in so much pain that it LITERALLY hurt to move. I’d aggravated an old back injury that I didn’t think was that serious when it happened years prior… I was wrong. I contacted her super early that morning and she was able to see me the same day. I creeped into her office bent over and moving slowly because standing upright was almost unbearable. After a quick initial assessment, she began me on the therapy circuit to relieve some of the pain and pressure in my lower back. That water massage table was HEAVEN…do you HEAR ME!! I’d never felt anything like it! It helped to loosen my muscles a little and ease some of the pain. I was then moved to the traction table…or the roller as I call it. It wasn’t pleasant initially but as the minutes passed, I realized that it was further “massaging” the muscles warmed up on the water massage table. The internal “movement” of body parts also resulted in gas being released and pain easing. Finally, it was time for me to actually go in and sit with Dr. Henry and get adjusted. We talked for about a good 30 minutes…discussing everything from the pain itself to my diet and exercise routine…or lack there of…how I manage stress and even how much water I drink daily. I’ve always known that everything was “connected” to diet and exercise…I just never thought my poor dietary and lifestyle choices would impact my body so significantly. The process to getting me “back on track” hasn’t been smooth or easy…throw in a car accident that almost completely derailed OUR progress (4 months in) and I felt like I was ALMOST back at square 1….ALMOST. I was finally walking like a normal
person before a car accident had me moving “gingerly” again as Dr. Henry likes to say. THIS time however, I decided to do better with following instructions including taking the supplements that Dr. Henry recommended. In addition to getting adjusted, she also STRONGLY suggested that I get active… yoga…stretching…walking…exercise period! She’s all about holistic healing. She’s not recommending anything to you that she wouldn’t try herself…so I figured…why not. While I’m not the most consistent with taking my supplements 100% of the time or exercising, I can DEFINITELY feel the difference when I miss one too many days OR I run out before ordering more. Between the exercising, supplements, chiropractic care and some dietary changes, my back pain been reduced significantly. I’m on my feet a LOT from braiding hair and can definitely feel the difference when my body is out of alignment. Dr. Henry always gets me back straight…literally. I’m still stubborn and hard headed about a few things…I’m a work in progress….but I what I will NOT miss are my biweekly chiropractic appointments if at all possible. If you’re having issues…from back pain to poor immune system…feeling sluggish, etc….give Dr. Henry a visit. You might just be surprised how much being out of alignment affects you.

“So this is Lynne Morton once again trying to enlighten you guys on another evaluation from my Doctor Henry. I had noticed that my body had been feeling a little different for many years. I did always know that my iron was low but I did not know that it was that low that it had started to affect several parts of my body as well. Of course my doctor gave me a prescription for iron pills which I did take but I must admit it took longer to feel any type of results. Now, I don't know if any of you know this about Dr. Henry. She is a firm believer of natural methods so she introduced me to two types of supplements for low iron - a liquid and a tablet. I have been taking them both and experienced great results within one week. I say this to say sometimes we will go all around the mulberry bush till we get to the root of the problem and without knowledge that a Chiropractor can help us with many ailments that our body experiences on a day-to-day basis. I suggest you visit Dr Henry and get your adjustment today.”

Lynne Morton

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