Dr. Darnita Henry

Chiropractor, Owner

Dr. Darnita Henry is known to some as “Dr. Mom Baby”. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Spelman College I decided to spend some time shadowing various professions in healthcare including pediatrics, dentistry, and family medicine. Once realizing a burning desire to practice in a preventative manner I began to delve into the signs and symptoms the body exhibits when out of balance and how to restore health optimally. Like you, I am interested in not only maintaining but also optimizing my health and that of my family.

Upon entering Chiropractic school I had experienced a fairly “healthy” childhood. The most I could complain about was severe Seasonal Allergies. I was not able to go to the playground without my skin breaking out in red blotches, sneezing uncontrollably, itching, and headaches. After getting adjustments, learning the underlying cause of my symptoms, and making appropriate lifestyle modifications I can honestly say I very rarely experience any seasonal allergies. I no longer take any over the counter or prescription medication.

When pregnant with my first child I was in Chiropractic College. I desired to have a Natural Birth Experience. I received Chiropractic care throughout and gave birth without pain medication and within 12 hours of going into labor! However, it was my second birth that proved to be very eventful. :-). Again, I was under regular Chiropractic care, taking whole food supplementation to fill nutritional gaps in my diet, and generally feeling good. On the day I was due to deliver, I found myself being admitted to the hospital while experiencing THE WORST HEADACHE OF MY LIFE!!! After many questions and testing the doctors found that I was having a brain aneurysm. I had to have two emergency surgeries: A Cesarean and BRAIN SURGERY to repair the bleeding. When I woke up the next day I felt 1000% better. My Chiropractor came to see me and I immediately requested an adjustment. I had friends bringing me smoothies and other nutrient dense “goodies” to the hospital as I recovered. People often asked “What deficits do you have” or “What residual effects have you had since?” I am happy to report – NONE. I truly feel this is because I was mindful of my health before this physiological event and when it came time for my body to heal it was ready. Here is the icing on the cake: While my Neurosurgeon was repairing the aneurysm he reported seeing “areas of dark blood” which meant that I had prior bleeding. When asked how was this possible, he simply stated “Your body must’ve created scar tissue and repaired itself.” If that is not a clear example that the body is intelligent and capable of healing, I don’t know what is! I asked my OB about future pregnancies. Should I avoid getting pregnant? Would I be left with no choice other than another C Section because of my “history?” I was told that the aneurysm was likely not “due” to pregnancy but rather “presented” at this time due to circumstances of pregnancy and a healthy pregnancy and natural delivery were possible. Fast forward 4 years and I was able to experience a natural home birth with absolutely NO complications with my daughter. Most recently, I gave birth to my fourth child, a healthy baby boy, via a beautiful waterbirth at home.

I believe that you have the ability to be your family’s best doctor. My personal experience as a mom and professional experience as a family chiropractor inspired me to open Align Wellness Center. Our mission is to inspire and empower you with knowledge. Your body is an integrated self healing and self protective organism. Your mind, body, and spirit require balance to express health. I will teach you what “symptoms” really mean and how to appropriately respond optimizing health for you and your family. Explore this site, check out www.drmombaby.com, and let’s get your family Truly Well…

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