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At Align Wellness Center Located in Atlanta GA, we will help you optimize your current state of health using natural solutions such as chiropractic care without the negative side effects.


Gain clarity about your health issues.


Focus on a solution, not the problem.


Resolve long-standing health issues.

Don't let symtoms rule your life.

We recognize that true health results from having the mind, spirit, and body in alignment. Chiropractic Care can help with that. In particular, our wellness center excels at:

  • Reducing common symptoms (Low Libido, Hot Flashes, Vaginal Dryness, and Fatigue) resulting from Menopause

  • Reducing Common Symptoms like mood swings, tender breasts, food cravings, fatigue, irritability, and depression.resulting from PMS

  • Helping you cope with life's challenges by teaching you to listen to your body and addressing what is needed for you.

  • Helping with Common Women's Digestive Issues

  • Helping you Achieve Wholeness and Peace of Mind

  • Easing Common Symptoms of Nausea, Heartburn, Back Pain, and Joint Pain resulting from Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

  • Reducing common Breastfeeding Challenges, Improving Sleep, Helping to resolve Ear Infections, Post Birth Recovery in Infants and Mothers..


Pediatric Chiropractic


Pregnancy Chiropractic


Women's Health

Dr. Darnita Henry Is An Atlanta Chiropractor That Can Help Relieve Your Pain and Symptoms.

It may seem as though you will be stuck living with your suffering, but this just isn’t true. And you can do so without the need for medications. When we don’t feel like ourselves, it affects many areas of our lives, including our mood, diet, and enjoyment of life. There is relief and healing with chiropractic care.

Your 3 Step Plan To Renewed Health

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Schedule An Appointment:

During this 1 hour (Virtual -Telehealth or In Person - Chiropractic) Appointment you will have the opportunity to identify what your presenting and any underlying problems are.

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Begin Your Treatments:

After you've submitted intake documents and your exam is completed, Dr. Henry will provide simple recommendations and an individualized plan to help you feel better.

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Experience Renewed Health

Are you ready to enjoy "renewed" health? We are committed to ongoing support for each of our clients.

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I'm Dr. Darnita Henry

I know how scary it can be to experience serious health issues. In 2012, at nine months pregnant with my second child, I survived a subarachnoid hemorrhage brain aneurysm. I experienced two major surgeries within two days - A Cesarean to deliver the baby and surgery to repair the brain bleed. At that time, I had been under Holistic Chiropractic care for 12 years. Ever since then I have been on a mission to help others take a proactive approach as well as an active role in their recovery and maintenance of their health. In 2016 and again in 2021, I gave birth naturally at home.

"...I haven’t had to take Lexapro..."

I haven’t had to take Lexapro since 10/14/19 when I started taking the wild yam and Tribulus. I can’t remember how long I’ve been taking it, like maybe 10 years with dramatic side effects every time I tried to wean from them. My mood during the past 5 days of the cleanse made me feel like I was really high, a good high, and increased libido. Who knew???!!??????? And, I saw my PCP yesterday. My blood pressure was 106/61! I have never had blood pressure like that, even when I was a kid. I thought I needed to be rushed to the ER."

- C.Jackson

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Need some motivation? Be inspired by listening to real stories from a few of my patients.

It is Time To Renew Your Health

Your Health Is Your REAL Wealth. Don't delay getting help any longer. Make the decision and click the button below to start a healthier life. You will not regret it.

When your spine is aligned correctly, your body is able to function correctly. This helps to promote self-healing. There will no longer be stress on your immune system. And the communication between your central nervous system and body will be open, allowing the healing of many health conditions as well as relieving neck pain, lower back pain, knee pain.
Additionally, when your body is nourished properly it is able to function properly. Proper nervous system function and proper nutrition are a perfect combination for Optimal Health.

Here are some medical conditions that we can help with,
• Headaches
• Infertility
• Menopause
• Numbness and Tingling
• High Blood Pressure
• Autoimmune disease
• Hot Flashes
• Mood and Anxiety
• Skin allergies
• Digestive Issues
• Hot Flashes
• Allergies & Asthma
• Constipation
• Diabetes
• Temper Tantrums
• Focus and Concentration
• Hormone Imbalance

Chiropractic care focuses on the spine and joints. When your spine is misaligned, it will cause the vertebrae to put pressure on the nerve root. This will cause a multitude of symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, decreased mobility, numbness and tingling, and many others.

One of the treatments to relieve this pressure from your vertebrae is called spinal manipulation, also called a chiropractic adjustment. This natural healing procedure will be performed by putting a small amount of controlled force on your spine to realign it. This is an alternative treatment for a wide range of injuries and illnesses associated with chronic pain replacing the need for pain medications.

But there are so many incredible benefits to your body’s physical function with an adjustment and promotes self-healing. Not only will it help to alleviate many symptoms and relieve any pain that you may be experiencing - it will improve your overall health, allowing you to live a healthy and active life.

Let’s face it; being in pain affects your life in many ways. We understand and want to give you the relief that you need to enjoy your life.

Chiropractic care is not only safe, but this non-invasive form of therapy is effective at relieving pain but at healing the underlying cause of your pain. Therefore, eliminating the need for medications and surgeries, both of which come with many side effects, makes this one of the best care choices.

Taking pain medication or any type of medication isn’t going to treat the problem. It only treats the symptom. This masks the real problem and eventually leads to a much bigger issue. There will be no end to taking medicine, increasing your dosage, and creating a dependency on it.

We’ve been successfully helping people suffering from headaches, autoimmune diseases, digestive issues, diabetes, arthritis, and many other health-related conditions. By blending chiropractic care and conventional methods, we’ll uncover the cause of your symptoms by learning about your medical history and lifestyle.

The next step would be to give us a call so we can give you a full examination and uncover the root cause of your pain, discomfort, fatigue, or any other symptoms.

We know that getting your spine adjusted can be scary. Don’t worry; there is little to no pain with this procedure at all. While you may feel slight discomfort, it’s nothing more than how you feel when you crack your knuckles.

We want you to feel comfortable, so we’ll take the time to walk you through the entire process, talk about your symptoms, understand your lifestyle, and discuss your family history.

We’ve been helping thousands of people in the Atlanta area find relief and begin living their life pain and symptom-free. Give us a call today, and we’ll schedule an appointment and begin working towards living a healthy and active life once again. By finding the root of the problem and creating an individualized treatment plan!

We’re committed to improving the overall health and quality of your life. We’ll do a full evaluation to assess your health challenges with lab work, testing, and a physical examination.

Our office does not submit insurance claims on your behalf. If you have Chiropractic coverage, you can request a Superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement directly to you. ALL clients are responsible for calling their insurance companies for pre-qualifications and ALL health care cost reimbursements.

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We do accept both HSA: Health Savings Account and FSA: Flexible Spending Accounts.

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Discover how Chiropractic Care can provide lasting benefits to your overall health.

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