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Reclaim Your Health!

Optimize your current state of health using natural solutions without the negative side effects.



Gain clarity about your health issues.


Focus on a solution, not the problem.


Resolve long-standing health issues.

Don't let symtoms rule your life.

We recognize that true health results from having the mind, spirit, and body in alignment. In particular, our wellness center excels at:

  • Reducing soreness and pain resulting from falls, accidents, etc.

  • Helping you cope with life’s challenges by teaching you to listen to your body and addressing what is needed for you

  • Helping you achieve wholeness and peace of mind

  • Easing symptoms of common conditions (ie. Asthma, Allergies, Pregnancy, etc.)

Your 3 Step Plan To Renewed Health

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Schedule A Consultation

During this 15 minute call you will have the opportunity to clarify what is your underlying problem. Together we will determine whether we are a good fit for you.

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Begin Your Treatments

After you've submitted intake documents and your exam is completed, Dr. Henry will provide simple recommendations and an individualized plan to help you feel better.

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Experience Renewed Health

Are you ready to enjoy "renewed" health? We are committed to ongoing support for each of our clients.

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I'm Dr. Darnita Henry

I know how scary it can be to experience serious health issues. In 2012, at nine months pregnant with my second child, I survived a subarachnoid hemorrage brain aneurysm. I experienced two major surgeries within two days - A Cesarean to deliver the baby and surgery to repair the brain bleed. At that time, I had been under Holistic Chiropractic care for 12 years. Ever since then I have been on a mission to help others take a proactive approach as well as an active role in their recovery and maintenance of their health. In 2016, I gave birth naturally at home.

"...my neck and back pain has diminished."

"Since my treatments started with Dr. Henry, my neck and back pain has diminished. The welcoming, inviting, and relaxed atmosphere make me feel comfortable, and serene. The location is convenient for me, and I am always able to reach Dr. Henry for consultations regarding not only chiropractic care and my overall health."

- Stephen D.

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Need some motivation? Be inspired by listening to real stories from a few of my patients.

It is Time To Renew Your Health

Your Health Is Your REAL Wealth. Don't delay getting help any longer. Make the decision and click the button below to start a healthier life. You will not regret it.

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Your Ultimate Wellness Guide


Discover how Chiropractic Care can provide lasting benefits to your overall health.

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