Women's Health

Being a woman isn’t easy. Our bodies go through so many changes starting before our menstrual cycle begins and long after it stops. These changes in hormones affect our bodies in unpleasing, unwelcoming ways, and increase the risk of many health-related conditions. We deal with conditions such as irregular and painful periods, premenstrual syndrome, vaginal dryness, lack of sex drive (low libido), and hormonal imbalances. Most of these things we’ve come to believe that it’s part of being a woman; it’s something that we have to deal with.

Unfortunately, there’s no way around it. We get our periods every month and experiencing pain and discomfort. We go through childbirth or fight to get pregnant, and then we begin a rollercoaster of hormones and a slew of dreadful symptoms of menopause. But this doesn’t mean you cannot find relief from it all. You can, and you’ll improve your health as a result of it.

Chiropractic Care can help you improve your health before, during, and after pregnancy, regulate your hormones to reduce the symptoms of menopause, and reduce your risk of many aging disorders such as osteoporosis.

Pregnancy will put your body through a lot, and your immune system is compromised throughout your entire pregnancy, putting you at risk of becoming ill. Keeping your immune system in good health is extra important. By realigning your spine, you’ll improve your central nervous system’s function by relieving the pressure that is placed on it. Not only will it enhance your immune system and protect you from diseases and illness, but you’ll also find that you get relief from muscle discomfort as well. This will help you to get a better night’s sleep and improve your mobility. Of course, it’s still important to continue taking your prenatal vitamins and getting the proper nutrients daily to keep both you and the baby healthy.

Menopause can be brutal for you and those around you - between the hot flashes, weight gain, and mood swings finding relief is all you can think about. Regulating your hormones during menopause will undoubtedly help. Spinal adjustments will regulate the hormones and reduce the symptoms.

Getting old is not fun, and as we age, we increase the risk of many aging diseases such as osteoporosis and Alzheimers. Healthy aging is the key to reducing your risks, and regular chiropractic care is one aspect of that. You’ll create a robust immune system, improve the function of your joints, strengthen your muscles, and improve your posture.

If you’re ready to improve your health and reduce the symptoms associated with your menstrual cycle or menopause, give us a call.

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